XV-5080 Fan files from all over the world!
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XV Screensaver
Download and drool in front of your screen !
SysEx files. (patches, performances etc..)
- SR-JV80-04 Vintage synth expansion board upgrade patches for XV/XP synthesisers. 1. and 2.

- Great Grand piano patch saves to user patch 001. This file is in SYX (system exclusive and zipped!).

Utility downloads
If you don't have the comon software sequencers installed you can always go to this location at Harmony central. Mac and Windows users can choose nice utilities such as MIDI-OX to transfer and receive system exclusive/midi dumps to and from their synthesisers.
XV 5080 software upgrade kit

Step 1: Dump your XV-5080 user bank programs to a safe location: Computer or sequencer OR: Save an SVD file on your peripheral devices or smart media card. I tell this first because after the upgrade procedure you'll have to factory initialize your unit.

Step 2. Do the f ollowing. Download the XV-5080 OS and the Roland SMF software updater from this page. Make a directory on your HD called c:\5080 or something like that.. extract the Operating System EXE file in that directory. If you've done that there will be 32 *.MID files in c:\5080. Don't forget that you have to download the Roland SMF updater into that same directory. Execute that one and you'll be able to "scan" directories. Scan the c:\5080 directory and the midi files will apear inside the roland update. Don't click SEND just yet. First, you have to sellect the propper midi output that you've connected to your XV-5080.

Step 3: When you have downloaded and if you are ready to upgrade your XV-5080: press [DEC] and the [A] button simultaneously while powering the XV-5080 on. The screen will seem a mess but you can read "Update [MIDI] Never Shutdown Yes = INC, No = DEC” when you kind of view the screen from the side.

Step 4. On the XV-5080: Press INC if you are really sure that you have unpacked the OS into a folder on your computer. + started the Roland SMF updater software + scanned your software directoris (with the *.mid files) and also check that you chose the correct midi out port to wich your XV-5080 is connected.. The XV-5080 will respond with "waiting MIDI". Now send the data to your XV5080 by clicking SEND on the Roland SMF update and it will display "Receiving MIDI" When you sent all 32 midi files to the unit, You'll be prompted to turn the unit off.

WHEN YOU HAVE TROUBLE: If you experience difficulties upgrading your XV-5080 software with the Roland MIDI software (watch below), you can always load the *.mid files one by one in your software/sequencer and play at a lower tempo. IMPORTANT: I witnessed no damage when I powered off my unit after a corrupt checksum. Just repeat step 1, then go to step 5!

Step 5: Load Cubase/cakewalk. Now: this will be a painstakingly long process of loading & playing each 32 files of the OS sepparately. You should use 160-190 BPM as a speed. the Roland SMF updater plays these files at 240 BPM, wich MIGHT pose a problem, so step 5 is a slow but good alternative. Also check that you use the correct midi out port. Now power off the XV-5080 (if it is on) press [DEC] and [A] while powering on to initiate the OS update mode, [INC] to confirm that the unit may wait for midi. Start playing your sequence (one file at a time). The XV-5080 will now display "receiving midi". DO NOT PRESS STOP UNTILL THE VISIBLE TRACK DATA OF EACH FILE HAS BEEN PLAYED! You also need to watch the midi receive led on the XV-5080 untill it stops flickering . (If you mess up one litle time, your precious installation might turn into a complete waste and you have to start all over again).

NOTE: I would also want to stress out that everyone has to takes their own risk in doing an OS upgrade. You MIGHT find yourself with an empty EEPROM if you do alot of things wrong, and then you are ready to pack your unit and return it to the store. If it still falls under the warranty period (and if you didn't play football with it), it will cost you no cent to fix your OS-less unit though:.

NOTE II: As discussed in the message board, you should also take notice of these advices: Do not send midi syncronisation allong with the files if you update your XV-5080. That can be troublesome for sysex data. Another thing is that you should always provide for a correctly working MIDI cable and plug it into MIDI IN 1. (not 2). Never re-save midi files of this sort, just to be on the safe side you should always use the original files from the zip and lower tempo if nececery but do not resave. Earlier update troubles were caused due to the fact that the manufacturers seemed to use too little "waiting" space at the end of one MIDI data file, this could cause your XV to be "confused". System updates on my XV-5080 have been gone very well lately (1.12/1.20) even at 240bpm and with the Roland SMF updater.

NOTE III: If you would like to check your version befor you update, you can do so by pressing [EXIT] while powering on. While still holding exit you have to watch the [system/utility] button's led. On a given moment, during the startup process it will light up and then you have to go of [EXIT] and pres&hold the red-lighted [system/utility] untill the display says "wait a moment". Then you'll be presented by the test mode screen and you'll see the XV-5080's version numbers. Just press [EXIT] to return to normal operations. As of version 1.20: all you have to do is power on the XV5080 normally, then push system/utility and press the info soft key. GOOD LUCK!

Download XV-5080 1.28 Operating System here. The PC SMF sender, to send your new software into midi devices can can be downloaded here
Further solutions:

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For people who use a macintosh and who have continuing problems upgrading their XV-5080 (constant sysex errors) even after reading all the guidelines above: please download MIDI graphy 1.4.3 here. this macintosh midi sequencer has proven to work very well.
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